Cool Christmas Ideas for Teenagers

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers – Cool Gadgets and Christmas Ideas for Teenagers

Finding Christmas Ideas for teenagers is very challenging. Those who have teenagers at home would have an idea as to what that generation likes and dislikes, however those who do not live with them will find it nearly impossible to buy them gifts for Christmas. Fads are aplenty. They also keep changing frequently such that it is difficult for grownups to keep up with them. You would have to plan what Christmas gifts for teenagers you should purchase but it should not be too early as the fads actually change overnight. It always happens that when you have just found the right gift, it goes out of fashion and you are forced to start all over again.

Here are some interesting Christmas gift ideas for teenagers that might help you in your task.

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers – 1. The Rocket Alarm Clock

Christmas ideas for teenagers - Rocket Alarm Clock

"The Rocket Alarm Clock Get's them Out of Bed!"

The first on our list of Christmas gifts for teenagers is the rocket alarm clock. It is ideal for those teenagers who need rockets for getting out of their beds when the sun rises. This rocket clock wakes users with countdown before it launches from the pad once the count is done. 4-3-2-1 Blast Off! This rocket inspired clock is the ideal solution for teenagers who have trouble lifting off every morning. It has been designed such that it turns the bedside table into launch pad. The rocket alarm clock wakes teenagers up with a countdown, NASA style and then sounds the alarm before launching skyward through the room. Here is the cunning plot. The alarm can only be turned off by getting off the bed, finding the alarm rocket and placing it on the base of its launch pad. By then the teenager would be awake enough to stumble over to the bathroom, take a bath, get dressed and start the day!


This is one Christmas idea that parents would love to give their teenagers.

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers – 2. RC Sky Fly Helicopter

Christmas ideas for teenagers

"RC Toys are like Video Games for outdoors!"

Remote-controlled helicopters would make perfect gifts for teenagers who dream of touching the skies! Featuring the function of trim for flying steadily and an LED that is super bright on the nose section, the small yet perfectly formed remote-controlled sky fly helicopter is the ideal option for indoor search-and-rescue missions. Besides its super sleek looks, the device is the right size for piloting indoor safety without worrying about damaging the pelmets. However do not be fooled by its diminutive size. It does make a stable flight. It is also easily maneuverable. A teenager would be able to have it buzzing around as if they are experts in minutes! With regards to the features, the remote-controlled helicopter comes with trim function that allows for constant control of flight and tri-band transmitter that has been designed for allowing the flying of a maximum of three helicopters in same area without interference. Charging the helicopter is extremely simple. You only need to connect it to a remote-control through a charging wire that is included. Gift this to your teenager and in turn be gifted with the title of the coolest mom or dad in the world!

The perfect Christmas ideas for teenagers who love speed are remote-controlled electric cars.  Such cars are available in the scale of 1/24, 1/10 and 1/8. They’re available in 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive, aluminum capped or oil filled shocks, 2 channel AM or 2.4 GHz DSM remote control and 4 wheel steering or electric motor.

They are available in a variety of types, features and colors. Your teenager’s joy will know no bounds on receiving such a cool gift.


Christmas Ideas for Teenagers – 3. The PC Prankster

Christmas ideas for teenagers - pc prankster

"This Gadgets will annoy anyone!"

Looking for Christmas ideas for Teenagers? If your teenager loves to play pranks, they would love to receive the PC prankster. This is a joke USB device that could be used for taking over the computer. The teenager would only have to plug this device in the computer of their victim so that it would take the computer over. It would make random movements of the mouse, turn caps lock off and on, type random garbage phrases and text and be extremely annoying in general. It also features the setting of time delay so that once it is installed you could get away to safety before it begins misbehaving. The PC prankster is very annoying however it does not activate save or close documents or enter key. It is not dangerous but only mischievous. However the device should never be used on the computers controlling nuclear reactors, the security systems that control genetically created zombie experimentation and/or dinosaur park units, the spacecraft of aliens or freezers that are packed with mouthwatering ice cream!

Such Christmas ideas for teenagers should obviously be given to those individuals who are known for being sensible.

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers – 4. The Football Megaphone

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers - The Football Megaphone

"Teenagers have something to say. Let 'wm say it out loud!"

The ideal Christmas ideas for teenagers who are football fans are megaphones so that they could be heard over the crowd! The teenagers would be able to cheer their team with the voluble portable megaphone. This device comes with selection of stickers of national flag so that the fans would be able to show their true colors when they cheer their country. If they begin losing their voice due to all the shouting, the megaphone includes a classic automated chant of ‘ole-ole’ so that they would be able to support their favorite team evermore. The device requires six AA batteries. It is unobtrusive and small.

It features wrist strap so that it can be carried around easily at big matches. The teenager could choose a flag sticker as per their favorite team.

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers – 5. Magnetic Dart Board

Christmas ideas for teenagers

"Let's face it, teenagers are a little reckless. Don't give them pointy weapons!"

Magnetic dart boards are great Christmas ideas for teenagers who love to take aim!

These are rollup dart boards. You do not have to be concerned about any stray dots damaging the décor. If the teenagers are not accurate like Phil Taylor with regards to hurling darts, the magnetic set is a safe solution for protecting the walls as well as fellow opponents! The design is double-sided so that teenagers could alternate between games. The 12 blunt tipped darts are strongly magnetized. They come in 4 cheerful colors. The players would be kept busy aiming for the elusive 180. You only have to aim the plastic dart and send it through air so that it would stick to this magnetic board. As the darts do not have any sharp tips, the game is ideal for kids as well as adults.

The board is also light in weight. It can be rolled up neatly into a cylinder shape making it very portable. It could be hung in games rooms or bedrooms or anywhere the teenager wants!

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers – Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenagers

We Delved Deep Inside the Insane Teen Mind to Come up with Unique Christmas Ideas for Teenagers

It is just not easy being a teenager in the modern world, especially when one is going through a confusing phase in their life. The transition from childhood to adulthood is enough to make anyone feel isolated, misunderstood and frustrated. It seems impossible to please them. A teen is likely to resist everything whether it is curfew times, which program to view on TV or what to have for dinner. If you are looking for Christmas Ideas for teenagers that would make them very happy, even if it is for a while, here are some ideas that might be of help to you.

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers – 1. Emergency Chargers

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers

The windup mobile phone and iPod charger is the ideal mini emergency mobile phone charging device. It could be used for charging a cell phone during an emergency. There is also a light feature that you could use whenever you want. This gadget represents the best balance and combination between functionality, toughness and size. Teenagers could carry it in their handbag or jacket pocket when they set out on a camp or hike. They will never find themselves in a soup with flat phone battery. Parents could enjoy peace of mind on gifting this device to their teenagers as they would not have to worry about not being able to reach them. This is why this device is first on our list of Christmas ideas for teenagers. Included are the adapters for nearly all the modem phones. Money-saving and environmentally friendly, the charger is tough and compact. The ergonomic design is solid while the internal dynamo is powerful. This makes the device essential for anyone who is camping or traveling. Whenever there is slightest risk that the teenager does not have access to power sockets, the mini windup phone and iPod charger is the ideal solution.

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers – 2. Waterproof Gadget Case

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers - waterproof gadgets Case

The waterproof gadget case is second on our list of Christmas ideas for teenagers. You would agree that electronics and water don’t mix. However 70% of our planet’s surface consists of H2O hence it is not likely that you would be successful in keeping them away from each other forever especially when the owners of the gadgets are teenagers. This hundred percent waterproof gadget case is here to save the day. Featuring a PVC holder and transparent silicone framed by hinged heavy-duty plastic seal, the protective, durable holder acts as the guardian angel of gadgets. It safeguards cameras, phones and any small items that need to be kept dry up to 40 m deep. Moreover, the flexible transparent skin of the case means that the device is completely functional when sealed from water. The teenager could also activate the touchscreen of their handset or click pictures on their digital cameras. This product is perfect just to snap their scuba trip! The design of the case is such that it can float. Hence the teenager does not have to be concerned about dropping the case overboard or even losing it in the pool. Due to the airtight nature of its protective seal, you can rest assured that gizmos are secure from nasties like snow, sand and dust.

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers – 3. Talking Apple Alarm Clock

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers

Next on our list of Christmas ideas for teenagers is the talking Apple alarm clock. This is a cute alarm clock in the shape of an Apple. It has many useful features like LED light, thermometer and speech function. You only have to touch its stalk for hearing the temperature and time at that moment and for illuminating display. You could even set speech function for announcing time from 7 AM to 9 PM every hour. This is the ideal way of keeping track of the time without having to be kept up through the night. There are five alarm sounds to choose from. This includes a raucous cockerel that is sure to wake deepest sleepers. Besides being a useful and cute alarm clock teenagers would find it handy. Its speech functions make it especially useful for those with visual impairment. The distinctive shape makes it very easy for locating it by touch. It needs 2 AA batteries. Now you can be sure that your teenager will never be late for appointments.

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers – 4. USB Gadgets

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers - spooky skull

The usb spooky skulls make for great Christmas ideas for teenagers who love anything supernatural. This is a ghostly defense system for the desktop. It is like placing curses on the desk that would unleash a screaming terrifying skull if someone were to come near it. Houseplants or adorable soft toys are not really for everyone. Many teenagers have darker sides. They would love to express such sides with the desktop ornaments they own. Such teenagers would fall in love with this glowing sinister skull. They would love to scare people and make them jump; they would love how the skull frightens people away by sensing when anyone comes close to the desk by unleashing an alarming screen. The skull can be connected to USB port. It would sit on the desk of the teenager glowing eerily. It has a motion sensor that would watch out for people walking towards it. If a teenager wishes to mark their desk as a place that no one should go near, the ghostly guardian would be the ideal way of warding them off. Software installation is not required. This guy comes with a meter long USB cable. As it runs on USB power, batteries are not required.

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers – 5. Top Pick Redcat Racing RC Vehicles!

Christmas Ideas for Teenagers - Redcat Rockslide XT

Remote-controlled gas cars, Nitro cars, electric cars and large scale cars would be ideal Christmas ideas for teenagers who love speed. You would have to choose from 1 /5, 1/8, 1/10 & 1/16 scale RC Cars, Buggies or Trucks. The range is so extensive that you’re bound to be confused as to which model to go for. It would be best to talk to the teenager and find out what they would prefer indirectly so that you could purchase the model they would love to own. Then they would not be able to thank you enough!

Always remember to purchase Christmas gifts for teenagers depending on their preferences. After all, you would not want your gift to be lying unused in the corner of a room, right?